Master Packet

 Master Packet Forms

Individual forms for your enjoyment.  Documents are either MS Word Doc, Excel or PDF as supplied. Forms are available individually below or complete in the 


01 Introduction
02 Procedures for Sending Event Files17-18 draft 2
03 Master Packet Cover
04 Table of Contents
05 Non-FIS Event Document Packets
06 FIS Event Document Packets
07 Common Errors in FIS Race Documentation
08 Distribution of Documents – FIS Events
09 Event Announcement Form
10 Event Personnel Assignment Sheet

11 Advance Event Information for Officials

12 Non-FIS. Team Entry Form
13 FIS Entry Form

14 Alpine Memberships Descriptions
15 Alpine Officials’ Certification Guidelines Mission Statement
16 Alpine Officials’ CertificationGuidelines
17 Guidelines Equipment Control & Protest – non-FIS Events
18 FIS Athlete Declaration
19 Acceptance of Liability by Team Captain
20 Volunteer Competition Worker Registration
21 Technical Delegate’s Event Worksheet
22 Checklist for TC Meeting
23 Program & TC Minutes – non-FIS
24 Program & TC Minutes – FIS
25 Attendance List
26 Start Finish Timekeeper Recording Form
27 Start Finish Referee Recording Form
28 Electronic Time Recording Form
29 Replacement Time (EET) Worksheet Rev
30 Replacement Time (EET) Simplified Form Example
31 Replacement Time (EET) Simplified Form
34 Report by Referee
35 Protest Form
36 Minutes Jury Decisions Protest
37 Minutes Jury Decisions WO Protests
38 U.S. Penalty Calculation
39 FIS Penalty Calculation
40 US TD Report
41 FIS TD Report Notes
42 Timing Checklist
43 U.S. Timing & Data Technical Report
44 Why Do We Complete a TDTR
45 U.S. Additional Rpt TD
46 FIS Additional Rpt TD
47 Officials’ Expense Report Form
48 USA FIS TD Expense Form
49 Head Tax Procedures
50 Head Tax Accounting Sheet
51 Head Tax Waived Athlete List
52 Head Tax Waived Athletes (Aug2017)
53 American Specialty First Report of Accident Instructions
54 American Specialty (ASI) First Report of Accident
55 Guidelines for Serious Accidents
56 TD Accident Report
57 FIS Notice of Injury (ISS)
58 Concussion Medical Evaluation & Parent Letter
59 SCAT3 (Sport Concussion Assessment Tools)
60 Jury Appeal Form
61 Gate Judge Instructions
62 Gate Judge Card Fault Only
63 Gate Judge Card Fault no Fault Example
64 Gate Judge Card Fault No Fault
65 All about Conversions
66 Checklist for Boards & Draw for NAC
67 Programming Change Request
68 Non-FIS TD Candidate Nomination
69 Non-FIS TD Candidate Evaluation
70 AO Personal Activity Record
71 AO Recommendation Form
72 Certificate of Insurance Request