Congress 2021

Congress May 17-21
With US Alpine Nationals winding to a close in Aspen, things are winding up for US Ski and Snowboard Congress May 17-21 (some meetings may happen sooner). This year will again be held in a Virtual format with all meetings taking place online. Schedules are still in the formative stages and the final may not be available for a little while, stay tuned.
Looking back to our Covid summer and fall leading into the race season, we planned to race in a quite different way. Protocols at races, one gender race days, virtual meetings, strange bib assignments, e-signatures, online everything, it was quite different. But then we started up and found that all these things could change and did so we could have races. Once it started in January, racing was heavy on the calendar with four-day mid-week series becoming the norm and nearly double the days on the calendar for some groups.
We got good at it too! The virtual TC meetings were clear and efficient, bibs bagged by team quick and easy and the online official posting board (whatsapp for most) allowed the quick changes between runs with the coaches fully informed and start lists delivered directly to them, almost instantly. The giant leap taken on some of the technologies will be a great help even when the masked and distanced rules fade.
Where we missed out was on our fall clinics. Without a virtual solution for the education, we missed a season of training for new officials and those looking to expand their certifications. With normal attrition RMSRO officials were fewer than previous years but our ranks stepped up and worked a tremendous load of mid-week races, some getting in over 60 days! We also had many taking on new people doing practical training with certification to come next fall.
Not missing the opportunity, RMSRO did receive approval to mentor TD aspirants who have been nominated for candidacy, they have started with their shadow assignments and will test in the fall. We are excited for this talented group to take the next steps to becoming Technical Delegates.
Chelsea Roth, Breckenridge
Chris Ogilvie, Vail
Scott Ptach, Steamboat Springs
Alice Black, Aspen
Also taking the next step and applying for FIS candidacy are Ron Rupert and Kristina Revello. Their candidacy will be subject to approval by the FIS TD Working group meeting at congress. RMSRO is also excited to see their commitment to the division and the Nation.
Please be sure to keep a look out for the meeting schedules and links and participate in Congress this year. See you online!