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RMD Golf Tournament

Friday September 21 at the Catamount Ranch Golf Club, Steamboat Springs CO.  Get a team together and sponsor a hole!

Brad Ghent wins Westhaven Award!

Rocky TD Brad Ghent wins the prestigious Westhaven Award! Brad was recognized by US Ski and Snowboard and his peers for his outstanding work as TD both Nationally and Internationally. Brad recently returned from a highlight of his career officiating at the Olympic Winter Games. Congratulations Brad, RMSRO is very proud to have you leading our team!

Rocky officials at the Olympics

RMSRO is proud to have three of our TD’s (Brad Ghent, Karen Ghent and John Jett) working the Alpine events at the Olympics this month.  These officials dedication to sport and experience with World Cup events have earned them a spot on the very selective international officials team at the games.  Brad Ghent will work with jury as Radio control for the men’s events, Karen Ghent is managing the slip crews and John Jett will serve as timekeeper at the Jeongseon speed venue.  With Rocky athletes in attendance the three will be right at home and doing a great job at the games!  Look and listen for them as you watch ski racing this month.

Service for Bruce Crane

Dear friends,

For those interested, there will be a service for Bruce Crane as noted below if you wish to attend.   If more information becomes available, I will share.

DATE JANUARY 13, 10:00 A.M. CATHOLIC CHURCH ON 224 in Park City.

Best wishes for the New Year!


Paul Van Slyke

FIS TD Commissioner

Alpine Precisions Update

Dear AO Friends,
Precisions are now available, linked off the rules page along the right hand side, under the resources column. Thank you to Jeff for his work in getting these out on the new website!


Lucy Schram
Alpine Officials Education Working Group Chair

Birds of Prey World Cup Volunteers needed

SSCV is looking for volunteers for Birds of Prey 2017 Set Up and Competition Days.  Please see to the SSCV Volunteer Page for details on signing up.  If link does not work please follow these instructions:

SSCV main website and look for volunteer tab on the top => click on the link under the non-SSCV member portion of the page => look for Birds of Prey Sign up.

We are in desperate need of volunteers on ThursdayFriday and Saturday as well as set up.

Thank you in advance.

Keep well, as always,

Christopher J. Ogilvie

Operations Manager



Important rule change for season 17-18
All non-scored events will now be required to use CERTIFIED start and finish referee’s, just like scored events. Be sure that you have your people trained up by getting them to a JA/RF clinic this fall. Non-scored races will also need to submit TDTR reports, same as the scored events. All certified officials must update every other year to remain current and will lose certification is update is more than 3 years ago.

Timing Equipment Extensions

Beginning in 1997 FIS set up criteria for timing equipment and phased in the requirement for its Homologation.  First was timers followed with Start Gates and Photocells.  All homologations were set with a shelf life of 15 years after which, another homologation test would need to be performed or the device would no longer be valid for use at FIS events.  Scheduled for expiration in June 2018 was a significant number of photocells and start gates.

In early June of this year, the FIS Timing working group met and decided to extend the expiration of start gates and photocells homologated in 2003.  These devices will now expire in 2023 enjoying a 5 year extension.

There has been, and will be, no significant changes in the FIS homologated timing equipment list this year and if your gear was good last winter, you can keep using it for some years to come.  The next significant expiration of timing equipment homologations is scheduled occur in June of 2023.  Please review the list of homologated timing equipment prior to each season as unexpected changes may occur.