Margo Eaton Scholarship

The Margo Eaton Annual Scholarship is  awarded to the top RMD Junior Non-Collegiate Male & Female Competitor that compete at US Nationals.  The RMSRO Board has increased the scholarship amount over the years to its current level of $1,000 per athlete.

2019 Hannah Soria and Brendan Keane

2018 Isabella Wright and Kyle Negomir

2017 Raised to $1,000. Rachael DeRochers & Jett Seymour

2016 Nellie Rose Talbot and Nick Santaniello

2015 Storm Klomhaus and Sky Kelsey

2014 Devon Cardamone & Serina Kidd

2013 raised to 500 Florian Swebel, Vreni Lupear

2012 Taylor Shiffrin and Greta Byrne were awarded $250.00 each.

2011 Sam Glaiser & Sarah Williams

2010 Hunter Black & Shane Mclean

2009 Anna Marno & Max Lamb

2008 Erika Ghent & Will Gregorak

2007 Ann West & Austin Johnson

2006 Lisa Perricone & Adam Cole