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Ken Gay – President ‘mailto:ken.gay@hotmail.com’
Esther DelliQuadri – Past President
Brad Ghent – TD Coordinator ‘mailto:brad.ghent@gmail.com’
Terresa Herbst – Clinic Coordinator ‘mailto:therbst648290@gmail.com’
Chris Hoss ‘cahoss@msn.com’
PJ Jenick – Vice President ‘mailto:pjenick@comcast.net’
John Jett – Website ‘jjett@cjtiming.com’
Pat Miller – Secretary/Treasurer
Gary Wright – Past President

RMSRO was originally incorporated as “Rocky Mountain Certified Ski Race Officials, Inc.” on October 3, 1973. The organization was reincorporated as Rocky Mountain Ski Race Officials, Inc. on April 10, 1989 and following that re-incorporation, application was filed for 501 (c) 3 nonprofit status which was granted.

The basic purpose of the organization has remained the same since the beginning: “Establish, administer and promote a program devoted to the education, development, training, scheduling and certification of Alpine Ski Officials; to promote the accuracy and fair play in the governing of competitive ski events of any nature; and to support the USSA, FIS, AAU, NCAA, and other recognized associations for the promotion of Skiing.”

RMSRO Membership: lowest number recorded was 198 although it was believed to be closer to 150 in the mid seventies; the documented highest was 718 in 2019.