RMSRO Clinics and Updates

On line registration is available at:

New Officials need to take the Competition Official (CO) Clinic before any other clinic.  This clinic is now available for download at There is a quiz at the end that needs to be filled out and  turned in. You must compete CO clinic or quiz before any other clinic you wish to attend.

Available Clinics:
Printable 2018 Clinic Schedule and onsite registration form

TD Update Open to all Level 3 officials & areas hosting USSA or FIS events
Oct 27 (All Day) 18-19 Update Review

CC – Chief of Course
On Snow @ Copper Mountain details will be sent by Ron Rupert
Nov 3 (Full Day) CC Study Guide

CE – Continuing Education for all officials -RF, CC, CR, JA, RA, TC
Oct 27  (Evening) (1/2 day) starting at 6 pm
Nov 3 -(Evening) (1/2 day) starting at 6 pm
Nov 4 -(AM) (1/2 day) 18-19 Update Review

CO – Competition Official – Prerequisite for all other clinics
Online at completed Quiz to next clinic for credit

Coach RF – Only Coaches may attend
Nov 2 & 3 (2 evenings required) starting at 6 pm RF STUDY GUIDE 18-19

CR -Chief of Race
Nov 3 (Full Day) CR STUDY GUIDE 18-19

RA – Race AdministrationRace Result Software is now part of the RA clinic
RA STUDY GUIDE Section 1. Race Result Software 18-19
RA STUDY GUIDE Section 2. Event Administration 18-19

There are 2 separate RRS clinics. Computer Required
Nov 3  Race Result Software (Vola)  (2 pm) afternoon
Nov 3 Race Result Software (Split Second)  (6 pm) evening

Nov 4 RA (Full Day) Must attend an afternoon/evening RRS clinic 1st

RF -Referee – For Referee and Jury Advisor
Nov 4 (Full Day) RF STUDY GUIDE 18-19

TC  1 – Timing & Calculations 1 (calculator required)
Nov 4 (Full Day) TC 1 STUDY GUIDE 18-19

Registration is available at:  

On Site Clinic registration/Check In starts at 8:15

Clinics start at 9:00

Please use only 2018-19 material.  Bring either a 2019 Comp Guide or current ICR to all all-day clinics
Clinics to be held at the Holiday Inn, Frisco, Co.  – Phone 970-668-5000

CLINIC FEE:           On site payment is an additional $10:00 site registration fee.  Please preregister

Full day clinics are $20.00  (Inc both portions of the RA clinic)

Continuing Education (1/2 day) clinics are $10.00

Registration is due 5 days before all clinics.  If any clinic does not have 6 people registered by the deadline it will be cancelled.

RMSRO ANNUAL MEETING – Saturday Oct 27th. 9:00 AM.  All members are encouraged to attend.

Register at:  Onsite registration is available for an additional $10 fee

Printable 2018 Clinic Schedule and onsite registration form

CE – Continuing Education for all officials -(update for RF, CC, CR, JA, RA, TC)

CO – Competition OfficialPrerequisite for all other clinics.  CO Is now available ONLINE

All persons who wish to take a skill position clinic (RF, RA, CC, CR, TC) MUST complete the ONLINE CO Quiz and bring their completed, printed document with them to give to the clinic instructor.  You may not take a clinic without current CO, this document, or a prior CO Clinic

CO – Competition Official.  This clinic and certification is required prior to any specialty clinic and other certifications.  No exam is given at the live clinics, certification is given by attendance.

**CLICK HERE** Download, study and take the quiz to receive CO Certification.  Turn the quiz in to your instructor as a prerequisite when taking additional skill position clinics. **CLICK HERE TO GET THE QUIZ!!!!**

CE – Continuing Education.  This is the update clinic that is at minimum required for every official, at least every two years. No Exam, credit is given by attendance.

RF, TC, RA, CR, CC, JA – Specialty Clinics with exams that offer certification in the specialty area.  Certification in specialty area is required for officiating in that capacity at an event.  Taking one of these clinics also satisfies the continuing education requirement in Rocky Mountain Division.   CO Clinic is prerequisite for ALL SKILL CLINICS

TD Update – Continuing education with additional focus on jury issues offered by RMSRO each fall.  This clinic also satisfies the continuing education requirement as does the FIS TD update also offered in the fall.

To move beyond level 1 in any specialty area officials must fulfill all requirements as detailed in the officials Certification Matrix.

All RMSRO approved clinics will be posted here.  If you are planning on attending a clinic that is not on this list it is not approved and you will not receive credit for it. If you have questions please contact Teresa at or Esther

Clinic Standards

Satellite Clinic Requirements

YOU MUST TAKE THE ONLINE CO CLINIC, PRINT THE QUIZ, FILL IT OUT AND BRING THIS PAPER WITH YOU TO TAKE YOUR FIRST SKILL CLINIC.  If you have any certification in any skill position, you already have taken the CO clinic and no further action on this is required.

Satellite Clinics Schedule


Clinic Type: CE – Continuing Education
Date & Time: November 14 from 5:00-8:00pm
Location: Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy, 1 Academy Loop, Minturn (2 nd Floor Conference Room No.
Contact: Julie Heaydon ( or 970-790-5122
Cost & where to pay: $10.00. Please make check payable to: RMSRO

Clinic Type: RF – Referee / JA – Jury Advisor Clinic
Date &Time: November 14 &15 from 5:00-9:00pm
Location: Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy, 1 Academy Loop, Minturn (2 nd Floor Conference Room No.
Contact: Julie Heaydon (
Cost where to pay: $10.00. Please make check payable to: RMSRO
Additional Information:
Please be sure to print out a Referee Study Guide ( and review
before you arrive. You must also complete the CO quiz online at and bring your results
with you. The course will be split over two nights. The second night you will have an open book exam.

Satellite Clinic Information: Santa Fe Clinic CE

Clinic Type: Continuing Education

Date & Time: 11/27/18    6:00 pm

Location: 645 Don Gaspar Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87505

Contact: RSVP and Questions:  Joe Downing 7208837913

or Sean Cassily  5757793729

Cost & where to pay:  $10 Cash or Check at the Clinic

Instructors: Joe Downing and Dan McCarthy

Additional Information:  Current ACR or ICR (Rule Book) are required for the Course.   You can download the ICR  or ACR on your computer or phone.  Bring the Update review study guide.



17-18 Update Review  located at print off and bring.

Satellite Clinic Information:  Santa Fe RF Clinic

Clinic Type: Referee clinic

Date & Time: 11/28 6:00 pm 11/29 6:00 pm

Location:  645 Don Gaspar Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87505

Contact:  Joe Downing 7208837913  or Sean Cassily  5757793729

Cost & where to pay:  $20 Cash or Check at the Door the first night 11/28 6pm

Instructors: Sean Cassily and Dan McCarthy

Additional Information:  You will need to have completed the Online CO clinic Presentation and bring the Print off from the online course.  To sign up for the online course go to

Current ACR or ICR are required material to bring to Clinic.  You can download USSA ACR at:


Study guide material highly recommended.  RF Study
Guide 17-18 online at:

Additional Information:  Attendees must complete the CO quiz prior to attending this course.  They must also bring a copy of their quiz.

Attendees should have also studied/reviewed the Referee Study Guide:


Satellite Clinic Posting Information – Satellite CLINC Host

If anyone else would like to host clinics, please contact Ken and we will try set it up and get it posted on the RMSRO.ORG web site.