FIS TD Updates

October 20-22 – Vancouver BC CAN
October 27-29 –  Lake Placid NY USA

RMSRO TD and Officials Update

October 28 – Summit County CO

RMSRO Clinics

November 3-5 – Summit County CO

If you are attending a clinic that has certification and a test, please prepare for success by studyingStudy guides, rule books and other Education Materials are posted here.


CO – Competition Official.  This clinic and certification is required prior to any specialty clinic and other certifications.  No exam is given at the live clinics, certification is given by attendance.

**NEW** Download, study and take the quiz to receive CO Certification.  Turn the quiz in to your instructor as a prerequisite when taking additional skill position clinics.

CE – Continuing Education.  This is the update clinic that is at minimum required for every official, at least every two years. No Exam, credit is given by attendance.

RF, TC, RA, CR, CC, JA – Specialty Clinics with exams that offer certification in the specialty area.  Certification in specialty area is required for officiating in that capacity at an event.  Taking one of these clinics also satisfies the continuing education requirement in Rocky Mountain Division.

TD Update – Continuing education with additional focus on jury issues offered by RMSRO each fall.  This clinic also satisfies the continuing education requirement as does the FIS TD update also offered in the fall.

To move beyond level 1 in any specialty area officials must fulfill all requirements as detailed in the officials Certification Matrix.

All RMSRO approved clinics will be posted here.  If you are planning on attending a clinic that is not on this list it is not approved and you will not receive credit for it. If you have questions please contact Teresa at or Esther

Clinic Standards

Satellite Clinic Requirements

Satellite Clinics Schedule

none scheduled currently


REGISTRATION FORM – satellite clinics ONLY

If anyone else would like to host clinics, please contact Esther and we will try set it up and get it posted on the RMSRO.ORG web site.