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News from the world of ski racing

Alpine Venue Safety

Dear Fellow Alpine Official/Coach:

The goal of an Alpine Official is to provide events that are conducted in accordance with current rules and procedures while providing a fun and fair racing experience for all participants.

To that end competitors expect, and officials must strive to provide, an environment appropriate for the conduct of excellent competitions, and free of unnecessary risk. Race Juries must always monitor the preparation and ongoing condition of the start area, the finish area, and the actual course.

Alpine ski racing – by its nature – includes inherent risks. Among these are weather, terrain, competition surface, gates, gate panels, timing equipment, competitors’ equipment, the requirement for course personnel, etc.

We must all work to ensure that items are not introduced into the competition arena that might increase the risk to participants, spectators, and course workers.

All items and personnel introduced into the competition arena must be placed in areas that do not create an environment that is not secure. For instance,

  • Event-related equipment such as a shovel, rake or drill, etc. should be maintained in such a manner that it is within the control of the user and not stuck in the snow surface.
  • Gate Judges, Course Slippers, Event Photographers and Manual Timekeepers must be in positions where they can view their assigned area and perform their assigned tasks without becoming an obstacle for a competitor. The use of chairs, folding stools, tripods, and other implements should be avoided as they may provide an additional obstacle that could increase the potential for injury to both competitor and official.

When officiating at an event, please be aware of your surroundings and call a Jury member’s attention to items that may increase injury risk. Your cooperation will help us provide a secure environment for our athletes and other officials – including yourself.

Wishing you the best for the New Year and safe and successful ski racing season.

On behalf of the Alpine Sport Committee and the Alpine Officials Education Working Group,

Darryl Landstrom
Alpine Sport Committee Chairman

Vola SkiAlp-Pro V7 season upgrade $250

Vola SkiAlp-Pro V7
Dear clients,

Vola SkiAlp-Pro V7 and Publish SkiAlp-Pro will be available on November 15 on our website You will receive a newsletter announcing it. The annual license fee will be maintained at $ 250.

We are also developing a web page specifically dedicated to US customers and through which you will be able to order your licenses, pay on-line and obtain the password.

This web page will be accessible at the following address:

and you will also be notified as soon as it is active

We will be back soon !

Vola Timing Team

FIS Meetings are underway

The first round of North American FIS TD meetings is happening this weekend in Portland OR for the Alpine TDs and in Guelph ON, CAN for Freestyle and Snowboard TDs.  Meetings will continue today and then start again next weekend for Alpine in the East and RMSRO TD Update in Frisco.  Get your TD Education on in Frisco is you are a National level official, sign up at



The RMSRO fall clinic schedule has been posted for the main clinics in Frisco.  All level one clinics will be offered, please check the schedule and register early as classes may be cancelled if not enough are signed up.  For signup we are using again however the site is not quite ready for registration at this time.  Check the schedule and your calendar and plan to register in a few days.  Satellite clinics will be coming soon with planning for RF clinics in Vail and Telluride after the main clinics.

RMD Golf Tournament

Friday September 21 at the Catamount Ranch Golf Club, Steamboat Springs CO.  Get a team together and sponsor a hole!

Brad Ghent wins Westhaven Award!

Rocky TD Brad Ghent wins the prestigious Westhaven Award! Brad was recognized by US Ski and Snowboard and his peers for his outstanding work as TD both Nationally and Internationally. Brad recently returned from a highlight of his career officiating at the Olympic Winter Games. Congratulations Brad, RMSRO is very proud to have you leading our team!

Rocky officials at the Olympics

RMSRO is proud to have three of our TD’s (Brad Ghent, Karen Ghent and John Jett) working the Alpine events at the Olympics this month.  These officials dedication to sport and experience with World Cup events have earned them a spot on the very selective international officials team at the games.  Brad Ghent will work with jury as Radio control for the men’s events, Karen Ghent is managing the slip crews and John Jett will serve as timekeeper at the Jeongseon speed venue.  With Rocky athletes in attendance the three will be right at home and doing a great job at the games!  Look and listen for them as you watch ski racing this month.

Service for Bruce Crane

Dear friends,

For those interested, there will be a service for Bruce Crane as noted below if you wish to attend.   If more information becomes available, I will share.

DATE JANUARY 13, 10:00 A.M. CATHOLIC CHURCH ON 224 in Park City.

Best wishes for the New Year!


Paul Van Slyke

FIS TD Commissioner

Alpine Precisions Update

Dear AO Friends,
Precisions are now available, linked off the rules page along the right hand side, under the resources column. Thank you to Jeff for his work in getting these out on the new website!


Lucy Schram
Alpine Officials Education Working Group Chair