Allen Church 1928-2019

By Paul Van Slyke, August 18, 2019
Good morning,

I received a call yesterday from Thelma reporting that our good friend Allen Church has died.    Allen, Retired FIS TD #337, was a very big player in our alpine community for many years.    

Allen wore many hats including;  working at the OWG in Lake Placid, Calgary &  Salt Lake where is gave the official’s pledge live before millions of TV viewers.  He was chief of timing at Beaver Creek for many years.  He was the Chairman of the Classifications Working  and made himself available to any in our sport that needed assistance.  Notably, he is very responsible for Thelma’s involvement in alpine, he taught at her first timing clinic many years ago and mentored her through many events and experiences.

Additionally, Allen was a Scientist  and headed  the Sandia Labs in Albuquerque, NM.   I am pretty sure he liked to blow things up back in those days..   Another part of his life included being an actor in several cowboy western movies and included speaking roles in a few- to name two,  Boy from Indiana & Two Flags West.

Allen was an icon and mentor to many of us, his patient ways and thoughtful approach was an inspiration to us all.

Rest in Peace Allen.