RMSRO Advisory Committee

Last fall the Rocky Mountain Ski Racing Officials (RMSRO) Board of Directors passed a resolution to start an advisory committee composed of representatives from clubs and ski areas with race programs to assist with developing programs in an effort to recruit, train and retain volunteers to support ski racing in the Rocky Mountain Region.  The goal is to conduct bi-annual conference calls with the club representatives to identify these programs.


In early May the first call was conducted with representatives from 9 clubs.  The initial call was very successful with several programs outlined to assist with club volunteer programs including:

  • Provide additional satellite clinics
  • Establish “On Snow” clinics for skill positions
  • Mentoring programs
  • Recognition programs
  • Establish a Volunteer Pool listing on the RMSRO Website
  • Establish a Club Volunteer “Need” list on the RMSRO Website


Minutes and an outline of the Fall Advisory Committee call is available at RMSRO.ORG.  For additional information or to provide suggestions on club volunteer programs feel free to contact Ken Gay at