COVID best practices

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving are remaining healthy, safe and sane!
It was great to see US Nationals take place in Copper in the middle of November and very thankful for
those that worked the event and help ‘test the waters’ of Covid Racing! Today I would like to pass along
some items from their event wrap up to help everyone for the upcoming season.
Fact Sheet – make sure the communication platform is listed, whether it be What’s App, Team App, or
other platforms. This will create less confusion by providing platform info up front.
COVID Controls – lots of reminders of daily checks sent out via the communication platforms. Links can
be posted on the Fact Sheet, too. Make sure it someone designated to follow up on the daily checks,
don’t have it just land on the RA. They used google forms to collect the daily info so that everything is
completed online. One time bib distribution and collection, pictures provided on communications
platform on where to pick up and drop off bibs. Becomes a team effort to help remind athletes, coaches,
etc. to remain distanced.
Team Captains Meetings- announce your platform, send out link to the coaches with enough time to
prepare/attend. Found that roll call by team worked best in the online scenario. RA needs to be
comfortable with sharing screen, coaches are able to watch the work completed in the software as there
was no physical board. Remind coaches to be patient as the work is completed. They used a google form
for TCM sign in of coaches, jury and guests.
On hill communications – address at the TCM what happens if cell or Wi-Fi communications are lost.
Timing will communicate with the starter of the upcoming athletes, white board to write the next few
down helps. The TnC needs to be comfortable being able to help create 2 nd run start list if necessary due
to data transfer issues (the RA and TnC need to have a pre training session for the just in case scenario).
No announcer, DSQ’s were communicated via jury radio to announce within their vicinity. DSQ’s can be
posted via communications platform. They did not have any protests so this was not tested, but they
were prepared to meet outside, masked up, if necessary to complete the process. Make sure that the RA
has someone that can help with Jury Minute communications as necessary.
Jury Minutes – Cath used Hello Sign during a non-contact time frame. There is a fee with this program
so check them out early if looking to use this sort of method. Jury minutes were sent to the TD for
approval first then sent to the jury for signatures.
Other – practice using your communications platform prior to the event. Check out if there are any costs
to your communications platform as free version do not always allow for enough time or attendees.
Your team captains meetings will take longer. Set some ground rules for TCM regarding muting and
unmuting. Possible recording of your TCM for attendance reference as it records chat bar, too.
Be prepared that Live Timing shows athletes in bib order not in start order and this can create confusion
for coaches and officials.
temps and communications/data time, it definitely draws power.
Fogged up glasses –the struggle is real! Google search home remedies using soap or wax.

It is in a good season to make a divisional plan on your communications, OC’s working together, etc.
Thank you to Karen Ghent, Cath Jett, Roger Perricone, Darlene Nolting, and all others that I may have
missed naming, for sharing their ‘take-aways’ with all of us as we prepare and prepare and prepare for
this upcoming season!
Looking forward to a great season and excited to see ski racing happen!
Happy Holidays.

Lucy Conklin
Alpine Officials Education Working Group Chair