New FIS Timing Rules published

Another season is upon us and with it comes a new Timing Booklet from FIS.  You can find this online
Things continue to tighten up with the rules on sync and introduction of new homologations on the horizon.  Lets have a look at the changes since 2015
Page 7 Synchronisation: some additional text
In case you use a startclock, it has to be synchronized together with the system A and B timer.
New language about sync for a start clock is added
Page 8: Notes : some new text
At the end of the competition, it is compulsory to send electronically the “Timing & Data Technical Report Form” to the FIS (see section Timing & Data Technical Report Form in this booklet). The printed tapes from the System A, System B and all hand timing records must be handed to the race organisation who has to keep it at least 3 months after the competition or after any appeal dealing with timing. 
Expanded language about the TDTR and other timing records. Nothing new just clarification of what happens after the race.
Page 22: Sync confirm at + 1 minute : some new text, some text removed
Synchronization to the Time of Day for all systems must be accomplished. Connect all timing devices that run in time of day at one start source (one single contact only for checking) and start the time of day of all timing devices. Trigger the timing devices again after 1 minute and check if the time of day for this impulse is within a 1/1000ths (0.001 sec.) for System A and System B timers. If they are not, you must re-synchronize and try again. Note that four spaces are provided for indications about synchronization of the four required timers when events are being timed without hill cable. 
Language about the start gate is now removed and now only language on use of single contact for sync and sync +1 and the .001 tolerance.  All future instruction must move away from use of the start gate for this procedure.  The .001 tolerance is easily achieved with a single contact.
Page 26: Criteria for FIS approved timing devices for Alpine Ski Races :some changed text
All timing devices must be homologated by the FIS and used respecting the FIS rules. Validity of the homologation is 15 years.
A little bit of wordsmith work and the removal of the 1997 date.  Added the 15 year validity sentence.
Page 26: Timers:
No changes found
Page 29: Startclock : criteria page added
Entire page added with criteria for start clock (very similar to timer criteria).  This is for the coming homologation requirement for this device.  Homologation requirement is set to become active for season 18-19.
Page 35: Photofinish System: some text added
A photofinish system is a line scan camera that scans the finish line with an adjustable scan rate.
This is added after the first sentence, no content change.
So to recap, single contact for sync and +1 with .001 tolerance further emphasized and the introduction of future homologation of the start clock with details for its sync with system A and B.
Please work with your local and regional educators to incorporate these minor changes in the fall clinics.