Message from Jeff Weinman

Message from Jeff Weinman,

With some of the peculiarities of Vola, we’ve heard that we haven’t gotten everyone’s work credit applied properly with all of the races this year.

I’m not sure how widespread this is just looking at the number

In 2015 we processed 2,498 alpine races with 21,845 work records recorded – ~8.7 work records per race
In 2016 we processed 2,335 alpine races with 20,084 work records recorded – ~8.6 work records per race

This certainly isn’t limited to Vola, we regularly get results that include numbers that do not exist or where the wrong Sam Smith is included with the result.

As we’ve done in the past, if you know of any that need correcting, or as you hear of them let me know and I’ll get that fixed. What I need is

USSA ID, Name, Race Code, Date, Position worked



Jeff Weinman

Director, Competition Services
United States Ski and Snowboard Association