Competition Official – Education and Certification

The Competition Official or “CO” is the backbone of RMSRO.  These people perform critical roles in all ski races with tasks such as

  • Hand timing
  • Gate keeping
  • Start assistants
  • Scoreboard recorders
  • Many others 🙂

All clubs should offer and encourage this training, either live or with the Online CO program, to educate their volunteer officials.  For most, the education is the most important aspect and is enough for many in these support roles however some, especially if they serve in skill positions for a non scored race, need CO Certification.  While there is no “test” as you have with other skill positions there is a quiz that must be completed if they do not attend a properly scheduled live training session.  For those looking to have their CO Certification recorded, the following paths are offered by RMSRO.

Pre-requisite:  In order have CO Certification recorded by RMSRO, individual must have a current US Ski and Snowboard Alpine Official membership and RMSRO membership (must join US Ski and Snowboard as Rocky Mountain division member) OR must join RMSRO individually $5 per year.

Three Options for CO Certification are available.

  1. Member takes the



    and turns it in to their Skill Position instructor prior to successful grade on skill position test.  CO and Skill Position certification will be recorded.

  2. Member turns in quiz to their home club who grades, provides feedback and verifies membership.  Club will submit to RMSRO graded quizes and $10 each as clinic fee (minimum batch size 5 quizes or $50).  CO certification will be recorded.
  3. Member attends a RMSRO scheduled live CO Clinic.  If this is a satellite clinic attendence records and clinic fees must be submitted by host to RMSRO.  CO certification will be recorded.